Tuesday, 24 May 2011

An Interview with Sally Bassett Contemporary Artist

Please go to 'Artist interviews' for my friendly chat with Sally Bassett. It was a pleasure to speak with her today about her love of art and what pictures she has exhibited at b Gallery.

At present she has ten folios and twenty five paintings. At present Sally is exhibiting Spring pictures but as the seasons change so will Sally's art exhibition's at b Gallery.

Four Purple Iris
Paintings at the B gallery now
1.Swallows and Poppies in the Oil Seed Rape.
2. Bluebells in the Wood.
3.Evening Poppies
4.The Old Pear Tree
Water based ink on paper.
Sheep in the Sun, Trees in Shadow.
1.. Daisies and Poppies  in the Meadow. Folio
2. Four Purple Iris
Black Oak.Folio
Olive Orchard
The Flock of Sheep in the Olives
Two Goats in the Olive Orchard.
Blue Flax and Butterflies in the Olive Orchard
Boats and Sea
Blue Boat.
Beached Boat
Boats Hauled Up on a Sun Bright Slipway
Bright Fishermen
Orange and Yellow Sorting the Catch
Waiting for the Tide
Stiff Breeze and the Yacht Out in Front.
Tumbling Turquoise Wave.
Winter and Autumn,
Autumn Orange Across the Common
Snow, Ice, Shadows, Snow Sparkle.
Deep Blue Shadows, Snow Sparkle and Racer in Red
New Powder, Far Glacier and Skier in Red.

For more information on Sally Bassett Contemporary Artist, b Gallery, art and exhibitions plus much more please contact:
01525 877770

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