Friday, 17 December 2010

One Year Tomorrow

So it is official, the gallery has been open for one year.  What a year it has been.  The Introduction to Art lectures are a huge success and if you haven't already read it, there is a review here. Exciting artists are showcasing a variety of techniques and talent.  Our place in the community is also developing and hopefully the intimidation that can often be associated with a gallery is diminishing.

Amidst the frantic planning and organisation for tomorrow's gala day, I took the opportunity of asking b Gallery founder's Julie and Mel what they are most proud of in the past year; what do they feel is their biggest achievement.

I think our biggest achievement for me is the quality and diversity of the artwork displayed.  Not only do we have fabulous fine artwork displayed by well known artists including Rolf Harris with limited addition copies, but we have a phenomenal array of local talent exhibiting.  The variety from glass work to tapestry, jewellery to portraits for me is breathtaking and something i am immensely proud of. - Julie
I am overwhelmed to be surrounded by such a passionate and talented team at the gallery. When we first started a year ago it was just myself and Julie, but along the way people have recognised our potential and have dedicated their time and energy.  The photography studio is up and running and already a hit with a hugely talented and creative, imaginative photographer. Naomi's Introduction to Art lectures were an instant hit and working alongside Linda they have bought together another dimension to the gallery, including the regular and popular workshops.  The passion of the team has made the adventure possible and it is ever growing with the art directory the next step, our talent spotter Aimi is already looking out for artists to exhibit. - Mel
So tomorrow is Gala day, with local artists demonstrating their styles and techniques, Naomi giving taster sessions of her lectures and the all important visit from Santa. 

If you have been to the gallery, please share your favourite bits here and lets look forward to another fun-filled adventurous year.

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